Developer’s articles

Here I will collect links to all articles I will create.

Navigation in JetPack Compose
Unlock seamless navigation for your Jetpack Compose apps, across all devices (including Wear OS!).

Hilt Dependency Injection for JetPackCompose. Minimum knowledge to start using
Get started with Hilt: Dependency Injection for Jetpack Compose

RoomDB, minimal knowledge to start using with JetPack Compose
Mastering the Basics: Using RoomDB in Your Android App!

Implementing Preview for Composables with Hilt ViewModel injected
While directly injecting ViewModels into composable functions with Hilt DI can make UI previews challenging, there are workarounds to achieve both dependency injection and efficient development.

JetPack Compose: Minimal adjustments to support tablet mode – Ray Adams’s Applications
While Android tablets are seeing a resurgence in popularity, software support can vary depending on the manufacturer and device.

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