Recent App Update Rejections on Google Play Store

It took a few hours for Google to reject new update for My QR application.

There have been an increased number of app update rejections on the Google Play Store lately, with concerns about apps transmitting user data even when they don’t. My app, “Contacts to QR,” has been experiencing these rejections repeatedly.

In many cases (approximately 95%), these rejections appear to be mistaken. For example, an update for “My QR” was rejected because Google claimed the app transmits user phone numbers. This is demonstrably untrue – the app neither retrieves nor transmits any user information off the device.

It’s unclear how Google identifies these issues. While they may use automated scripts, the specific criteria seem opaque and difficult to understand. Even attempts to request clarification from Google haven’t been successful.

In my latest update for “My QR,” the app allows generating QR codes for any phone number, not just the user’s own. Unfortunately, the automated system seems to misinterpret the functionality related to “Phone” and flags a violation for collecting user phone numbers. This happens even though the app doesn’t collect any personal information.

Fighting these rejections can be successful in the short term, but it’s a frustrating and unsustainable solution.

While I’ve updated the app’s data safety section to reflect that I collect Phone number, but no user data is shared, this feels misleading as the rejections hinge on an inaccurate automated system.

If you’re using “My QR” and see a prompt about phone number collection, please be assured that the app does not access or transmit this information. This is solely due to a current issue with Google’s review process.

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