Zalgo Generator

Are you bored of writing normal texts? Do you want to spice up your messages with some creepy and distorted characters? Then you need Zalgo generator, the app that lets you generate strange looking texts for fun.

Zalgo generator is easy to use: just type in your text and press the button to unleash the chaos. You can choose from different levels of corruption, from mild to extreme. You can also customize the direction and type of the Zalgo characters, such as above, below or both; or dripping, wavy or curly.

Zalgo generator is perfect for pranking your friends, creating horror stories or just having some fun with weird texts. Download Zalgo generator today and let the madness begin!


  • Zalgo mystery
  • Flip the text
  • Flip the text reversed.
  • Bubbles
  • Squares
  • Squares Filled
  • Bubbles Filled
  • Parenthesized
  • Accented
  • Double Stroked
  • Fraktur
  • Script





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