Offline Document Converter

Discover the ultimate Offline Document Converter, the premier choice available in the store. Engineered with privacy in mind, it operates independently of Web services, making it a secure option for the Medical industry and fully compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Dubbed rightfully as a converter, this application boasts an impressive array of supported conversions:

Word documents can be seamlessly transformed into:

  • PDFs, offering optional password protection for added security.
  • Images in various formats including PNG, JPG, TIFF (both single and multipage), EMF, BMP.
  • Rich Text Format (RTF), HTML, EPub, and plain text (TXT).

PDF files are versatilely converted to:

  • High-quality images in multiple formats.

TXT files offer conversions to:

  • PDFs with optional password protection.
  • Word format, with an option for password protection.
  • A range of image formats.
  • RTF, HTML, EPub.

RTF files provide flexible conversion options to:

  • PDFs with or without password protection.
  • Word format with password security.
  • Various image formats, HTML, EPub, and TXT.

HTML files can be converted into:

  • Secure PDFs with optional password protection.
  • Word documents with password security.
  • Multiple image formats, RTF, EPub, and TXT.

Experience the versatility and security of converting documents offline with our trusted application.

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