JSON Data Generator

JSON Data Generator is a handy tool for creating realistic JSON objects for testing your applications. You can choose from a variety of field types, such as:

  • Integer: Generate random integers within a specified range
  • Double: Generate random decimal numbers within a specified range
  • Month name: Generate random month names in long or short format
  • Weekday name: Generate random weekday names in long or short format
  • Bool: Generate random boolean values (true or false)
  • GUID: Generate random globally unique identifiers (GUIDs)
  • Date range: Generate random dates within a specified range, in short or Posix format
  • First and Last names: Generate random names from a list of common first and last names
  • Email: Generate random email addresses from a list of common domains
  • Color: Generate random color names from a list of common colors
  • Lorem Ipsum text: Generate random text from the classic Lorem Ipsum filler text

You can customize the number of objects, the number of fields per object, and the field names. You can also save your settings and load them later. The generated JSON objects can be copied to the clipboard or exported to a file. JSON Data Generator is a simple and useful tool for developers who need to generate mock data for testing their applications.


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